How Travel Will Change After the COVID-19 Pandemic

The experience will most likely feel and look different once global reopening starts. However, most people are eagerly waiting to enjoy positive travel impacts. The impacts of the coronavirus and its spread on the travel industry have been unprecedented. Some airlines have been flying. However, many carriers have shut down. 

Some hotels have been forced to lay off their staff. Ships have also been stuck for weeks at the sea. Sailings by several cruise lines have been axed. Travelers have canceled their trips and asked for refunds. Others are trying to salvage their travel plans. Essentially, the travel industry has faced change, panic, and disruption like never before. Moving forward, the travel industry will change in different ways. Here are some of the changes expected in the travel industry after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Health Will Be Key for Travelers 

The focus of most travelers will be on their health. This pandemic will compel consumers to consider their health concerns when making travel choices. For instance, travelers will be keen to choose travel destinations that have put the necessary measures in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Essentially, travelers will pay attention to how their travel plans will most likely affect their health conditions. Nobody will want to travel and bring the virus home. 

Air Travel Will Resume Slowly 

Air travel will most likely restart domestically and slowly as people try to observe social distancing guidelines. Most airlines will start flying domestically, regionally, and then globally. In most cases, airlines will prefer flying to important cities and hubs with the best public health. 

Travelers Will Have Many Deals to Choose From 

As airlines and hotels struggle to rebound, they will be offering travelers amazing deals. These will be aimed to attract customers. As such, brave travelers stand to gain big if they scout for travel deals when booking flights and accommodation. 

Cruise Lines will Struggle to Clean Up the Ruined Image 

The cruise industry has always faced challenges before. This is where hurricanes, wars, recession, and disasters happen. However, this industry has ways of bouncing back. As such, cruise lines will recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic though it will take time. 

Also, travel agents will come back after the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this might take time because most travelers are opting to book travels online after research. What’s more, travelers will value their advisors for guidance and connections beyond product and destination expertise. They will need people that can guide them to choose and travel to destinations that have measures to ensure their health. …

Local Research Tips for Traveling Abroad

So, you have decided to travel to a foreign country. But, you don’t know the information that you should gather before the trip. Traveling abroad can feel intimidating especially if this is your first time. To ensure a safe and enjoyable trip, you should research extensively. But, how do you research your travel destination? Here are useful tips to guide your local research when traveling abroad. 

Research Destinations and Accommodation 

Find out more about your travel destination, accommodation, and attractions that you want to visit. This is very important because it enables you to know what to expect in a foreign country. In some places, you may be required to buy tickets in advance. What’s more, purchasing tickets before you travel can enable you to avoid long queues upon arrival. You might even get better deals when you research and book reservations in advance. 

Use Guidebooks

Guidebooks include key phrases or words, maps, and details that you need to know more about certain attractions and sites. Using guidebooks will enable you to learn about your preferred destinations before you travel. This will make your experience better once you arrive at the destination. What’s more, you can download essential travel apps and use them upon arrival. 

Research Events 

Attending local events is one of the best ways to interact with and learn more about the locals. Therefore, take your time to research local events before you travel. This will enable you to avoid missing awesome events in the city that you’re traveling to. So, research about ceremonies, natural events, and festivals. Also, find out more about the national dishes that you can try at your destination. This will enable you to avoid leaving your destination without experiencing what most people know it for. 

Follow these local research tips to make your foreign trip amazing. 
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Top 5 Reasons Why you should spend your vacation in South Korea

With over 17.5 million visitors in 2019, South Korea is a worldwide destination worth visiting in 2020. Located in Eastern Asia, South Korea is known for its world-class technology, chiefly mountainous terrain, diverse cultures, tasty cuisine, and its global head in the industrial sectors. Still not sure if you should spend your vacation in South Korea? Below are the top 5 reasons why you should. 

  1. The Food 

If you are a big fun of foodie, then you’ll enjoy the time spent in South Korea. Their food is just but divine and appealing to both the eye and the stomach. Bulgogi (Korean-style meat), Japchae, rice bowl Bibimbap, kalgooksoo, and Kimchi (made from fermented & salted vegetables) are some of the iconic delicacies that you can’t afford not to taste. 

You will also get a chance to enjoy fish cakes, potatoes, palatable hot dogs, and pastries. What’s even more fascinating is that all meals, including breakfast, come with at least 4 Panchan and Banchan (side meals). 

That’s not all, there are numerous street food stores, famous for hottoek (sweet pancakes), tteokbukki (spicy rice cakes), and Korean fried chicken. And if you are a fan of McDonald’s, you can order your favorite dish, 24/7.

  1. Technology 

For tech enthusiasts, you’ll fall in love with the South Korean advanced technology. Seoul, which is the capital city and the largest metropolitan in South Korea, has shown massive technological and architectural innovations and developments. 

For instance, the Lotte World Tower, the tallest building in the country, has the World’s fastest double-decker elevator in the world, traveling at 10m/s. What’s even more fascinating is that the elevator is fitted with animated screens of all its sides. The ceiling screen displays the development of the Seoul city from the Joseon Dynasty. 

  1. Incredible Hiking experiences

South Korea has countless hiking adventures. Most main cities, including Seoul, are surrounded by majestic mountains, perfect for hiking. Bukhansan (featuring a height of 2,744 feet), Inwangsan, and Namsan are the most popular mountains for hiking. 

The paths and trails are labeled, so no worries about losing your way back. From the top of the mountain, you can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the city. If you can’t climb, there’s no need to worry, you will still have a chance to enjoy the numerous serene seas and beaches. 

  1. Vibrant Culture and History 

For culture and history enthusiasts, South Korea has a lot to show. South Korea has 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites, including palaces, temples, and fortresses. For instance, in Seoul, there are many temples and 4 main palaces, including the chief palace and Gyeongbokgung, which is the most famous palace in the country. 

Furthermore, the country also offers other artistic and cultural attractions. For instance, the Museum of Art is home to traditional porcelain, jewelry, and textile exhibits. Gyeonggi, the former capital city of Korea, also has a lot to offer as far as the history of the country is concerned. 

On your must-visit historical sites, make sure you add to the list the Jongmyo Shrine, the Haeinsa Temple, Jogyesa Temple, and the Joseon Dynasty’s Royal Tombs. 

  1. The shopping experience 

For shopaholics, you will love the shopping experience in South Korea. I hope you’ll have enough cash to buy everything you will want. From skincare products to the trendiest accessories, there is nothing you won’t want. You can either shop along the streets or explore the stores in the malls. 


Without a doubt, South Korea is a magical country full of cultures and endless entertainment possibilities you can’t afford to miss.